Welcome to 9M1Z Borneo Island OC-088 (Oceania) DXpedition.

Why 9M1Z? Why not 9M0?

9M1Z Borneo DXpedition, is a preparatory mission for our future adventure to the Spratly Islands.

This DXpedition serves as a critical training exercise, laying the groundwork for a successful “Pre-DXPEDITION OF 9M0-SPARTLY ISLAND” in 2025 or 2026. As you know, Spratly Island is currently closed for maintenance, but we’re hopeful it will reopen to the public by then. Our primary goal for this Borneo DXpedition is to gather valuable experience and knowledge to ensure a smooth operation when we set up our future DXpedition from 9M0 using the 9M0 callsign (assuming all goes well and the island is operational).

Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting project! We’ll be sharing more details as they become available.



NOTES: This QRZ page will be updated time-to-time everyday. Recent feeds/updates can be retrieved from 9M8J’s facebook page. Website will be created soon.

e-QSL: Clublog, QRZ, LOTW (subjected to the downtime)

Paper QSL: Direct QSL card to 9W8ZZK or 9M8WIN, pls include 4 green stamp with SASE/SAE for reply.

NO BURO, this is the work/collective DXPedition by the volunteer dxpedition teams

SPONSORS: Mostly Self and some in this link.

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